Handling a home..easy eh??

My son has handled the home pretty well in my absence whenever I have gone out for an extended period. In the future also, he will do it well. Today in a course of our conversation, I asked him whether it was difficult to manage home or not. He said, “it’s not difficult, it’s tedious. Day in and day out doing the same chores does get monotonous and tedious.”

At least my son acknowledged this. There are people who do not acknowledge how handling a home can be a tedious and monotonous task for years. Women do it for countless years and are not supposed to complain or have a break either. They are supposed to carry their duties with a smiling face and no complaints or get tired. Just as my son realized it after handling the home for a few days, everyone in the family should be handed over the home for a few days to handle and see for themselves how difficult or easy managing a home is!

So, next time whenever a woman is questioned, “Saara din karti kya ho” or says handling a home is easy, promptly ask that person to manage the home at least for a week and then question…

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