Those monsoon days..

Its raining here in Mumbai and it takes me down the memory lane of my first tryst with Mumbai monsoons way back in 2002. I was newly married and started my new life here in the City of Dreams. I had joined work. My office was in Andheri. I was getting used to the local trains, discerning East from West (areas), trying to figure BEST bus numbers taking me to the correct destination.

Once on a rainy July or August then, I boarded a BEST bus from Andheri to my home and it was raining heavily. It took almost 3 hours or more for me to reach home. Back then there were no mobiles for communication. I would always reach home earlier than my husband. But that day he reached earlier and I hadn’t reached still. He was worried as I was pregnant with our son and in a very delicate stage. Heavy rains, no way of communicating, me still getting acclimatized to Mumbai all this caused my young husband to panic. Finally, I managed to reach home and both were relieved. Dinner was pizza amidst the rainy weather.

Those were the days 🙂

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