Compassion and encouragement costs nothing a veteran but means a lot for a newbie

My son has just started driving and today he drove while my husband sat next to him. My husband has been driving for more than 30 years now and is a great driver. My son was a little nervous to drive with his dad sitting besides him. He faltered once or twice due to his nervousness, but my husband calmly asked him to not worry and rectified what needed to be. This gave him more confidence.

When someone is a newbie the expert in that field should guide him/her without getting annoyed or pointing out his/her mistakes harshly; it shatters the confidence of the newbie. One eventually learns after practice and experience. This is applicable everywhere; workplace, home, children, a new bride, a new mother.

A little compassion and encouragement costs nothing for the veteran but means a lot for the newbie.

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