Change is the only constant..

Of late, I have been scrolling through posts of how people are excited to watch the reunion episode of popular sitcom Friends. I hope it lives up to their expectations.

Often, we have seen that season 2 or sequel of most series or movies disappoint the viewers. They have the pressure to live up to the expectations of part 1 but more than often they are not.

Often, we see people going with a lot of excitement to meet their childhood friends or for a school or college reunion may be after 2 decades; going to meet relatives; meet friends in an old colony after a long, long time; old office colleagues after years but coming back not feeling just the same as expected. People remember the good old times and those moments are frozen there. Times change, people change, circumstances change, feelings change. Don’t search for the replica of those frozen moments again; this might just disappoint you. Accept that fact that change is inevitable, that change is the only constant.

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