Be empathetic and mindful when someone is in sorrow..

When my late father had his first heart attack around 4 years ago, and was admitted in ICU, everyday for 15 days that he was in the ICU, my mother and my siblings would helplessly and anxiously wait outside the ICU for the doctor or the nurse to inform us about his status. Many well wishers had called up and so did many who would again and again ask my already hapless mother about “how and what had happened.” Eventually, we stopped our mom from taking calls. Also, there were many unwarranted advice as to “someone I know died in a similar situation” or “how doctors must have not placed stents and how doctors are simply minting money or “how my mother’s life will change or how she should take care of her husband.” Also, me and my siblings were schooled to “take care of our mother”.

When someone is dying or in a serious condition, the least one can do is simply empathize, with words or sometimes without. Only the immediate family knows what they are going through. One should weigh their words carefully in such conditions. Even after my father’s death this year, many such blunt and unwarranted gyaan was given by many.
Now when I read how people should plant more trees when helpless families are frantically trying to arrange for oxygen cylinders it gives me the same feeling. These families are least interested in planting trees now when their loved one is dying or in pain.

Everything has a time, a place, a situation…be mindful about it.

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