Admire her ambitions..

A girl is ambitious, studies hard throughout her life to achieve her dreams. She slogs in the male-dominated world and carves a niche for herself. She is financially independent, strong, happy, has set more goals for herself in her career. She is extremely successful and in a happy place professionally, which she had always aspired for.

“Now, she needs to get married.” “When is she getting married?” “When is she getting settled down?” “She is already 28 and her biological clock is ticking.” “As parents its our duty and we will get her married off whether or not she is interested.”

Nobody appreciates her hard work, her ambitions, her success, her focus, everything boils down to domesticity and marriage eventually.

Parents, society, please show enthusiasm and happiness for her success and next time when you meet her, simply ask her, “So, what’s your next goal instead of when are you getting married?”

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