Life skills: The earlier we start the better..

Times are changing and many moms of my generation are teaching the basic life skill of cooking and cleaning to their sons from a very young age. I often see comments like “your son’s wife is going to be very lucky.” Well..its not only about the wife, its about him too.

Cooking is a life skill which will help the guys not just to share workload with their future wife, it will also help them, their parents and siblings too! I have gone to tend to my sick parents leaving behind my kids with my husband and never ever worried about what they are going to eat, simply because my husband knows how to cook. My kids have been helping their dad and me out from a very young age and they understand that its a life skill for both the genders. Last month I left my kids for 10 days all on their own (my husband is currently abroad) and both of them managed pretty well. Both kids shared work. My son is the older child and he cooked dinner, kept utensils in place, managed the leftovers. I mention him here as he is an 18-year-old teen and isn’t brash. Both my kids along with my husband shared housework during lock-down period. They did it even before lock-down.

My husband could share workload and cooking with me all these years because he did the same with his mother. That’s how it should be for everyone. Tomorrow when our kids go out to study, for job they should not be dependent on others for basic food or managing home. The earlier we start this the better. This also instills a sense of gender equality very early on in the children.

Let’s bring the change…

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