Stop the false applause!

I am done with the glorification of women doing “sacrifice” and being applauded.

Recently saw posts where an IAS officer and a lady constable were carrying their babies to their workplace and being applauded; mothers slogging in the kitchen relentlessly being applauded; women multitasking 24 hours without rest being applauded; girls and women trying to please their families in the name of culture and honor being applauded; etc. etc.

Stop glorifying lack of help, overwork, stress, no rest and calling women “superwomen”. This has set a bad example for many girls and women for generations. They are made to feel guilty or labeled as selfish if they decide to prioritize themselves. Instead of lauding women as superwomen and epitome of sacrifice this Women’s Day and the other days, its time to introspect and dump this thought process.

Time for women to be happy in the real sense.

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