Memories of firstborn..

Virat Kohli helping Anushka Sharma in doing Shirshasaan is trending on Twitter now. Both are understandably all excited to welcome their first child and both the parents should be equally involved at all steps of parenthood.

Since this month is an eventful month for me where my firstborn turns 18, it took me back to the memory lane. Just about married, we were ready to step into parenthood quite early, but both of us were extremely elated and excited. Every morning, my husband would hold my hand when we climbed the Borivali station over-bridge, we would share pizza and coke at the end of the day when both of us would be tired and didn’t feel like cooking, would end up reading parenting books, every week would wait for Baby Center mails. The best care that a mother can get is being kept happy by the father of the child, by being involved at every step.

Its been 18 years, 2 children, the involvement of both of us is still the same.
We still share our pizza and coke, only its the 4 of us now 🙂

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