I am fine

To all the parents of adult children, to the siblings, to the relatives, to the friends, to the in-laws, to the children..
Next time, when you hear your adult child, sibling, friend, relative, daughter/son-in-law, saying I am fine..remember..
-When you say, raising children is easy and today’s girls make a big deal out of it, on the other side of the phone, a young mother must just have cried buckets not knowing how to pacify her newborn or why the baby is cranky.
-When you taunt your son staying abroad that he is leading a life of luxury, he might be tensed as to tomorrow he might get his pink slip.
-When you tell a woman that she is so lucky to have a job and support, she might have just endured humiliation by her boss and in-laws on the same day.
-When you ask a woman to ignore/tolerate an abusive/angry husband, she might just have been slapped or humiliated verbally.
-When a dark or plump child is not taken in the lead role in a drama in the school and you laugh it off and it breaks the child’s already broken heart more.
-When you ridicule your child who chose to follow his/her dreams and failed to fulfill it.
-When your child is depressed and you can’t read between the lines.
-When your friend is sharing her pain and you are boasting that you are lucky.
-When your introvert child is not invited to any party and you blame your child for being unsmart.
-When a newly-wed bride is taunted and she pretends to be happy over phone.
Be kind to anyone you speak, no matter how close or casual the relation is.  You never know how broken or sad a person is from within as we are taught to fight our own battles once we grow up.  We are told that parents are getting old, everybody is busy, and that problems in life is no big deal.  Most of us have done it and still do it when with tears in our eyes, we say “I am fine”…

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