Support counts..

When I got newly married, I couldn’t cook much. I started my new life with my hubby dear in a nuclear setup and out of enthusiasm would pack him roti and sabzi for lunch everyday. My rotis would be the out of shape, partly kachcha, and sometimes burnt. But my husband would quietly take the dabba everyday. My husband himself is a very good cook and eventually taught me a lot of dishes with patience. Present day, post 18 years of marriage, I can make perfect rotis and am a good cook.

Whenever one is new in something and trying his/her best instead of harsh criticism or demotivating words; be it a new job, a newly married woman/man, or a new mother, one needs support and encouragement.  When one is judged and criticized at that point when he/she needs the support and encouragement the most, it breaks the heart and the person never forgets those days.  Eventually everyone learns job skills, managing a home, cooking, bringing up children, but the initial days of anything is never forgotten.

When a child writes a grammatically wrong poem or displays his scribbled lines as drawing, we should always appreciate it instead of making fun of it or criticizing.  When a new mother makes mistakes in bringing up her infant, instead of blaming her one needs to help her out.  As we age, we become thick skinned and most of the things stop affecting us.

I do have my usual nok-jhok with my hubby as he is a man of few words and might not appreciate me always, but I will never forget the support he gave me in the first of year of my married life when I became an inexperienced wife and mother.  That was the foundation of our strong relationship.

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