Raising the next generation better..

With this lock-down, I see most women hassled and overworked. They are burdened with house work, children, office work, and so on. On top of that, there has been a steep rise in domestic violence too! So..what’s inherently wrong? Undoubtedly, badly raised and entitled men are the major problem here. But why are women in such a bad shape? Even the financially independent women are a part of it. Is it the fault of the upbringing where girls are taught to ignore, obey, adjust and prioritize others happiness over theirs? Almost 90% of women are unhappy. How can we ensure that our daughters don’t go through all this?

On my part, I am raising a son who is not entitled or an MCP, who knows household chores, who respects women. I am raising a daughter who will respect others but not take any nonsense from others. Also, no matter what, she will always have my back. Time to raise the next generation girls to be happy and strong women and next generation boys to be compassionate and feminists.

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