Childhood scars..

Whenever I feel low or have the question “Why me”, I read up the stories of Being Social or Humans or Bombay and I realize that there are so many brave people out there who despite their struggles have not given up or have emerged as true winners.
But one thing common in most stories is childhood struggle; mostly financial but the most common ones are childhood bullying. As kids most of them have been ridiculed for their looks, physical disabilities, learning disabilities, financial background, caste, sexual orientation, and such. Childhood emotional scars are for life. They take a lot of time to heal but still somewhere deep inside those hurtful words, those sarcastic statements, the alienation in school and college haunt. When we are adults somewhere we become thick skinned but as kids we are vulnerable. Wish people be more mindful about the way they behave with children. You might jokingly call the child, “Fat”, “Dark”, “Ugly”, “Short”, “Slow”, “Stupid”, etc., but for that child those words are not jokes, they are the scars for life..

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