Teenagers are not selfish..

Who says teenagers are selfish?
Today my son got a call from his friend that his family is in a financial crisis and that he needs money urgently for his mother’s diabetes medicines. Within a matter of few hours, all the friends pitched in and contributed whatever they could. Some of these guys have their own set of problems, irrespective of that they are trying to help their friend.
These guys are friends from the time they were toddlers and unfortunately many of them are facing hard times, some having parental issues, some financial. These bunch of friends are trying to help each other in whatever capacity they can, either by hearing them out, by trying to contribute financially, by giving words of encouragement, or simply being there.
I am so happy that my son has such wonderful set of friends and I pray they stay like this forever. I don’t like these kids going through tough times as I have seen them grow up and being their happy self. I truly wish all kids are happy though we all know eventually struggle and challenging times are a part of life.
With such good friends, these guys will definitely sail through these times..

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