Care for her life/rights?

Ways of killing a human and her rights:
-Aborting her in the womb
-Crying and lamenting on her birth
-Throwing her as a garbage
-Depriving her of education, food and equal rights as a male child
-Asking her to behave, dress up appropriately, follow societal rules
-Asking her to compromise on education and career
-Forcing her to get married without her consent
-Asking her to die rather than come back from an abusive or unhappy marriage
-Abusing her physically and emotionally
-Throwing acid on her
-Raping and murdering her brutally
-Marital rape
-Burning her alive in the name of dowry or after rape
-Killing her in the name of family “honor”
-Cutting her into pieces
-Body-shaming, mom-shaming, career-shaming, non-career-shaming, age-shaming, etc.
-No say in the family matters and property rights
The list is endless. Care for human rights or a woman’s life and rights..?

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