Nothing compares to you

While raising the two little children, there were days when I would tell my husband, “I can’t do it anymore. I want to quit.” I let go off many opportunities that came my way. There were times when I had to stay strong while I was crumbling from inside looking at my injured or bullied child. There have been days when I cried with guilt after my kids slept as I felt I had been hard on them a tad too much. There have been difficult days where I had to wake up feeling unwell but had to take care of my little children.

But I can never be thankful enough to have such wonderful children in my life who love me with all my flaws. They take care of me, understand my emotions, handle my PMS, my arthritis pains, and hug my small frame with their tall frames leaning on me. Every pain, every tear, every guilt is worth this love..

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