Feelings aren’t gender specific..

When I was expecting my daughter, my son was 4 years old. My husband those days was extremely busy with his work and it was me and my sonny boy most of the time. We had involved him from day 1 of my pregnancy. He would hold my hands when I would walk with him on uneven roads or in rainy season. He was only 4, but he was confident that he wouldn’t let me fall. He would come back from school, eat, watch TV for a while or play on his own while I rested, especially during the last trimester. He would accompany me for the regular check-ups, get excited when he heard the Doppler. He was extremely happy when his sister was born and even then took great care.

My son is almost 17 now, but he is still the same..Empathy, love, care, compassion aren’t gender specific.

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