Power of appreciation

Often parents teach their children to not appreciate themselves or even they don’t really appreciate their children aloud as they fear it might sound boastful or the child might become overconfident/complacent. What happens eventually is that the child starts lacking self-esteem somewhere and as adults we see so many people around us, educated and well placed, lacking self-esteem.
There is a difference between boasting and appreciation. We tend to criticize ourselves, our children, people around us very easily. Then why is that appreciation doesn’t come to us that easily? Putting down our spouse or children comes across so naturally, especially in public platforms, in the vicinity, among friends; but why do we hesitate in appreciating them? I would say as women we need to pat out back more often. I see so many women multitasking, doing wonderfully, yet criticizing themselves all the time; be it their appearance, their parenting, their job, their home.
Along with all the values, let’s also instill the value of elevating self-esteem of our children. We guide them to work on their negatives and be critical about it, lets also teach how to be positive about themselves. As such, the world is ever ready to point out our negatives!

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