The ever smiling maushi (ayah)

My daughter Ishani got promoted to class 7 today. She has been studying in this school from nursery, so it will be 9 years in this school now. When she was in nursery, there was a particular maushi (ayah) with whom Ishani was very attached to. The maushi was a mild, middle-aged lady who was very good with little kids and was very fond of the little chubby Ishani. I have never seen her annoyed in all these years. Today my daughter has grown taller than that maushi who has now grown a little more older yet her calm demeanor and lovely smile remain the same. Whenever she meets me she smiles and greets politely. Ishani still loves this maushi very much.
Some people leave a lasting impression even without actually uttering any word. She is much better than many educated, well-placed opportunists whom, I am sure, we all have encountered who don’t acknowledge or communicate once they feel we are “of no use” to them.
Ishani is out of the nursery section years back yet that maushi never fails to acknowledge me with her smile. I will be of “no use” to her ever, still she smiles..
The world needs more noble souls like her..

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