Ads are easier, life is not

Of late watching a lot of ads emphasizing the fact that how we shouldn’t pressurize our children in academics or choice of career. These ads are going viral and becoming popular with people concurring with the ads and liking it. Great!
But the real change will come when the parents or people just don’t agree with the ads but agree to follow them too in real life too! Its difficult given our education system and emphasis of marks during admission in colleges. There’s cut-throat savage competition out there and the real test will be when parents support the unconventional career choices of their children, when they support them on days when they haven’t scored well or accept their caliber.
Its very easy to make ads, but real life is not so easy. Making an ad viral is easy, supporting choices for many parents is still not. Emphasizing that marks are not everything is easy, admission in colleges is not. Unfortunately, we still reside in a society where marks and usual career choices measure the intelligence.

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