Learn to enjoy that moment

This year it has been quite cold in Mumbai, as per Mumbai standards!  I am quite enjoying it, so is my family.  But heard people complaining, “When will this chill go?”  Well..they are the same people who complain during summers “Can’t tolerate this humid weather anymore!”

We humans are strange, aren’t we?  Most of us don’t actually cherish and soak the moment that we are in.  When the kids are babies, parents wait for them to be toddlers, when they become toddlers, they wait for them to be independent and grown up, when they grow up and become independent, the parents don’t wish them to leave the nest and wish they were still babies!

A student wants a good career, then a good job, then a better job, then some more money, more comfort..it goes on and on!  When a person has all this, he yearns for peace!  How many of us really enjoy that particular phase or moment without any complaints?

Let’s learn to take each day, each moment, each phase as it comes.  Yes..life is a cocktail of good times and trying and testing times; so when there is winter don’t wait for the summer..enjoy the winter; summer will follow soon!

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