Web series..the new age freedom

Remember the time when many of us waited to get out of the school so that we didn’t have to wear uniform or be in the strict discipline or prying eyes of the teachers? College gave a new freedom, no uniform, free from the strict discipline of the school, new avenues, new friends!
Web series are kind of in the same line. The censorship doesn’t allow vulgar language or scintillating scenes in the regular TV programs, hence saari bhadaas and “creativity” is seen in the web series. Whatever be the story line, the deprived Indian audience laps up these web series..we all know why! I can see many people getting offended but then how did they know?
But the most worrisome part is that many of these series are unfiltered without any age guidelines or restrictions. Of course, we all know these web series are targeted towards the youth. When most youngsters have mobiles and can download apps just like that, it is not difficult to lay their hands on these series. Also, with the hesitation of most parents to still discuss “taboo” topics it becomes more risky.
One more very delicate and difficult stage for the parents..bahot kuch hota web series banane waalon..tum nahin samjhoge😶

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