Happy New Year!

So, another year begins today.  No, there’s nothing new today.  The sun rose in the East as usual, the birds chirped as usual, everything is as it was yesterday.  I see people commenting sarcastically as to why so much of hype over this “New Year thing?”

I will tell you why..

When a year begins, no one knows what twist and turns it will bring.  For some people, the year might simply go as a “normal” one but for some others it might not.  It just takes a second for the life to change; for both good and bad.  If the change is for good, nothing like it but God forbid if the change is devastating then what?

Let’s cherish each day and moment that we can still see, touch and talk to our loved ones; that we can still use our body properly; that we can still be fussy over food; that we can still laugh/smile.

People celebrate because that one year went by well; ask them who didn’t have a good year.  I have seen people losing loved ones, people inflicted by a grave disease, people who have had really upsetting days and moments.  As humans, we also will go through these unfortunate days..some day or the other.

So, let’s celebrate another year and not try to dissect every celebration.  Let’s with all the happiness and joy wish everyone a very “Happy New Year.”

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