Purana song, phir bhi naya..

Aaj something different hua.
Generally, it happens that my kids hum their latest English song and I ask them to show me the song on YouTube. Today my daughter came back from school and said, “You know Maa my friend was humming a song that went “Panchi banoon udti phiroon..”, haven’t heard this song. Immediately I showed her the 1956 movie Chori Chori song on YouTube. I said, “You know this is Sanjay Dutt’s mother singing. The hero was Ranbir Kapoor’s grandfather.”
Exam nearing its finish line, hence “Panchi banoon udti phiroon..”😃

One thought on “Purana song, phir bhi naya..

  1. It is true it is a beautiful song. Your showing relation between yesteryears actors to present day actors was so nice. Children are somewhat losing touch with melodies from the older song.


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