Strong girls

The other day my husband decided to rearrange the room and re-position the bed and almirah differently. My son was sleeping at that time and I asked my husband not to shift the heavy bed and almirah alone. My daughter quipped in between, “I will help Baba.” I said, “Its too heavy, let Dada (elder brother) wake up. He will help Baba.” She said confidently, “But I can do it.” Looking at her confidence, I said, “Okay, then go ahead!”
She did help her Baba in moving the bed and almirah and rearrange and clean the room. After doing everything she looked at me, there was a look of victory and pride on her face. I was so happy and I appreciated her for her strength and help.
Isn’t that what society does with girls often (not generalizing), nip their dreams in bud before allowing them to show their true potential? “Not your field or you can’t do it.” I appreciate the parents who have broken the shackles and let their girls follow their dreams and gave them the choice to do something different. Those girls emerge with the same victorious look that I saw on my little girl’s face🙂

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