The Silent Pillar of Strength

My daughter celebrated her 11th birthday last week and since we had gone out of Mumbai to celebrate, she decided to throw a party in a nearby mall for four of her friends this Sunday.  Since all the girls were a bunch of 11-year-old’s it was not feasible to leave them alone in the mall for 2-3 (or may be more!) hours.  So, my husband decided to drive the girls and be there (without being there amidst them) for that period.  He didn’t complain to my daughter about it though!

My husband is a man of few words, and I have complained to him about this many times!  But one thing is always there..his silent support.  He might not say a 1000 words like me but he is always there for me, our son and our daughter without a word of complaint.

I am a blogger and keep on posting blogs on my timeline.  I know even if there are no “likes” on my blog, there will always be this one “like”, yes, of my husband!  He doesn’t believe that kids’ marks matter yet he always accompanies them along with me to the PTM (to save the kids from my wrath!!).  He never misses the dance performances of my daughter, no matter what.  He was a sportsperson during his school days whereas I don’t know S or sports.  So, he has been the one teaching the kids all kinds of sports as and when possible.

I am not a very calm person whereas he is, so it kind of balances out the parenting part.  My kids know whom to turn to when they want to sulk!

Well..people would ask what’s great in that?  I wouldn’t gloat that I am lucky, yet I have to say this that not many Indian husbands/fathers support their spouses/children and be there for them at all times.  Of course, times are changing yet I see so many non-involved partners and fathers.  Isn’t marriage and parenting about sharing life, sharing responsibilities, being there for your family and supporting them?

Even now, while I write this blog he called me up and told me how he is sitting and watching our daughter and her friends dance around while he is chaperoning them..

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