I am not indispensable..

Last week my kids had 5 days of Ganpati holidays. I decided to visit my parents in Baroda. This was the fourth time I was going alone without my kids and husband, the earlier 3 times being more of an emergency situation. This time I simply went to meet my parents, sister, nephew and niece. Only 2 days, yet it was so fulfilling. I didn’t even have to worry about a single minute as to how my kids were doing. I knew they were in the safe hands of their father and that they would manage. I didn’t cook anything and store in the fridge, I didn’t check whether my husband and kids were doing things “correctly” or not. I simply let them be. The kids managed pretty well, enjoyed their holidays, did household chores along with their dad, wen to their friends’ houses for Ganpati darshan, and there I was having a gala time with my parents and sister.
Trust the husband, trust the kids when they are slightly grown up, and don’t bother whether things were managed as per your accordance. We women are not indispensable, let’s take it more easy.

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