Teaching children life skills

Learning life skills is very important for children. As parents we are always there to help them, but sometimes we should let them handle their own stuff. My son has already learnt the skill of commuting by local trains and BEST buses by now. Its not that he cannot go by an auto daily to the station, but here comes the skill of being financially disciplined and learning time management too. He himself found all the routes of buses and train. Last week the college told them to submit their eligibility form, which was to be collected from Vashi, Navi Mumbai. Me or his dad could have gone and collected the form for him, but we asked him how he would manage. He asked one of his Navi Mumbai friends to get the form, but today the friend said they could get the form from college. Then they had to do some “bhaga-daudi” to get sign, stamp, etc., etc., but ultimately everything was done.
It feels really good when the kids slowly start becoming self-reliant and learn the skills of becoming independent, learn to approach people, negotiate and be street smart. All these skills will help them in the future.

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