Lets fight against Flu

As a mother, we are always worried about our kids’ health.  We try our best in protecting them against various diseases.  Common cold and flu is something which infects the kids very often, specially the children between the ages of 0-5.

Despite all the research and experience that I have as a mother, I was still not aware of many aspects of influenza and its prevention  https://bit.ly/2oO1LmC; I had the good fortune to get to hear from renowned doctors and get my doubts and myths cleared in the influenza bloggers meet I got to attend on February 27, 2018.

Renowned paediatrician Dr. Uday Ananth Pai and eminent gynaecologist Dr. Mukesh Gupta were on the panel.

Dr. Uday Pai who is a Pediatrician (MD, DCH Distinction ) has 29 years of work experience in strategy and business development, consulting, research and analytics, project management and developing strategies for global pharmaceutical, healthcare and nutrition businesses and products.  Dr. Pai gave some very useful insights about flu.  He said that it was a myth that healthy individuals cannot get infected by flu.  Everybody is equally susceptible.  Moms can pass on the flu to their kids.  So, as per his him,  “You yourself can give your child a flu! So moms, please get yourself vaccinated.”  He said vaccines take 4-6 weeks to develop immunity in the body.  When asked by moms when is the best time to get the child vaccinated, Dr. Pai said “April, May, June is the best period to take influenza vaccination for children and whole family for complete prevention against flu” –

Dr. Mukesh Gupta is a Gynecologist/ Obstetrician, practicing in Mumbai. He holds a rich experience of 16 years in his field. Apart from academic excellence (topper in University at the MD Ob/GynExamination), he has been awarded the ‘Emerging Star of Medicine’ by Indian Medical AssociationMWSB..

Dr. Gupta said the people who were considered to be at most risk were pregnant women, children between 0-6 months, senior citizens, and people suffering from general debility.  He bust a very common myth and said that common cold and influenza are NOT the same.

He also said that women should start preparing their body before getting pregnant and as per him, “Go take a flu vaccine, even before you can get pregnant. Only a healthy body can bring a healthy baby, preconception vaccine is important.”  He also enlightened us by stating that there are different types of virus strains causing flu and that vaccinating the entire family every year is very important.   Dr. Gupta also made a very valid statement when he stated that the entire family needs to go for “samuhik vaccination” as flu is contagious and can spread very easily from one person to another and hence to protect the babies the entire family needs to get vaccinated.

Both Dr. Pai and Dr. Gupta emphasized more on prevention than cure.  Dr. Pai emphasized on how pregnant women should get vaccinated because during pregnancy the body’s immunity is compromised and the complications arising from influenza can affect the pregnant woman much more than in a non-pregnant woman.  Since babies and pregnant women are more at the risk of having influenza bouts, it better to take preventative measure by vaccinating them beforehand.

We also got to hear celebrity mom, the very beautiful Genelia Deshmukh who shared her own experiences as a mother.  She urged all the moms to go and talk to their paediatricians and gynaecologists and get all their questions answered about flu.  She said how her younger child can get affected by flu from her older child and hence it becomes very important that entire family gets vaccinated.  I liked when she said that every mother must be a warrior and not a worrier.   She said that by talking to the pediatrician more about flu and its complications as well as the importance of vaccinating the children as well as the entire family a worrier mother can become a warrior mother!

For more information, please do visit this website:


Looking for a doctor in your vicinity to vaccinate your child?  Finding it difficult to locate a good doctor.  Worry not.  Refer this list and get a list of doctors in your vicinity by entering your area pin code.



” ‘ Disclaimer: I attended a discussion on influenza awareness facilitated by Abbott India Limited. Any opinion expressed in this blog is my personal opinion and not the opinion of Abbott India Limited. Abbott India Limited does not assume any liability for the content of the blog. The blog post is not meant to be a replacement for a doctor consultation, nor is it a medical recommendation or prescription of treatment for babies having Influenza. Any reader of this blog or their family members suffering from Influenza should specifically consult his/her doctor for the same and follow the suggested course of treatment.’ ”


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