High heels

I have always been fascinated by high heels. As a kid I was short and I was reminded this day in and day out that I was short and hence somewhere I wanted to grow up fast and wear heels. I grew up and couldn’t wait to wear heels. Loved them in any color. It gave me confidence, I felt tall.
I got married to a tall man, who didn’t have any issues with my height, but I got one more reason to wear high heels. My kids followed very early on in my life and somewhere the heels were left behind. I still wore them though the inches of the heels was lesser. I thought, “Let the kids grow up I will again wear them.”
But destiny had other plans. In my mid 30s I was diagnosed with an autoimmune health condition and the doctors strictly barred me from wearing high heels. I myself couldn’t wear them because of pain. My high heels were replaced with wedges and flats and more comfortable footwear.
Right now I have 3 people in my family who are way taller than me, who are extremely protective and caring. Now I don’t need to feel “tall” to be confident. But somewhere whenever I see those beautiful and stylish high heels on display I still long to wear them. I am an extremely positive person and have told myself, “May be you will wear them again at 60 and strut fashionably with your grandchildren.”

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