Believe when the child says the touch made him/her uncomfortable

Child sexual abuse cases are rampant in our country.  No, its not a new thing.  Only now people have started talking about it more in the open.   I remember my mother saying that during their times if the child used to confide in the parents that some elderly relative or friend of the parents had given “uncomfortable vibes” or touched inappropriately, the parents would either not believe the children or just ask them to hush the matter as it would be “disrespecting” those elders!

I thought times have changed since then!  But I guess I was wrong.  In the recent incident where singer Papon kissed a minor on a television show inappropriately, her father made a statement that Papon was showing his affection just like a parent would!  I mean really!  The girl was visibly uncomfortable.

For whatever reasons it might be, whether the dad was pressurized or he was worried about the singer’s clout and status, he let his daughter down.  Later the girl also made a statement that she wasn’t uncomfortable.  It was clearly out of pressure.  So, did the cameras lie?  Was the act justified in the name of “affection”?

Sexual abuse in children shouldn’t be taken lightly.  It creates a scar for rest of the life.  Our country in the name of respecting elders takes a lot of liberty.  The elders can bully the younger lot, they can kiss and touch them in the name of affection inappropriately, they can insult or humiliate them!

Respect is commanded and not demanded.  One doesn’t earn respect simply by the virtue of his/her age.  Data show that most of the child abuse cases are from close relatives and friends whom the parents trust.

Nobody, absolutely nobody, is above our children.  We make a promise to protect them no matter what, no matter from whom.  So, if they come and confide/complain that they are uncomfortable, please believe in them.  Save them from the lifelong trauma.

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