Today morning had a slight tiff with my husband. He asked me for breakfast and I refused. I could hear him making breakfast in the kitchen. Like all these years, I waited for him to come and “manao” me. Five minutes went by and he didn’t come. I thought, “He has changed so much. He doesn’t care about me like he used to.”
Just then I had a tap on my shoulder. “Open your mouth without any nakhras and have a morsel. Bahot nautanki karti ho”, that was my husband. He fed me breakfast.
Yes, my husband has changed. His hair has streaks of grey, he has job tensions. He is worried about the future of me and my kids always. He is not getting younger. Unlike us women, men have nowhere to vent their worries, frustrations and emotions. They can’t cry on the drop of hat like us. They don’t open up easily. We believe they have changed or are not bothered, but is that always so?
In five minutes, I assumed so many things. Tomorrow we celebrate our 16 years of togetherness and like all these years he “manaoed” me once again..

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