The social media syndrome

I am very active on the social media.  I am a part of many groups, I write a lot, interact a lot.  I even work as a social media specialist.  In short, social media is an integral part of my life.

But I guess reading too many articles on parenting, relationships, women has its own effect.  I remember when I got married and became mother social media was just budding.  It wasn’t so prevalent or popular.  But when I come to think of it, may be I was happier and less crankier!  Ya, ya..I blame my “hormones”, pressure of handling work, husband, children and other stressors of life but hey I was much “stressed” out may 10-15 years back!

I was raising 2 little kids, working from home, handling everything yet I was a lot less crankier.  Why?  May be because of social media exposure, I have started comparing my life more with others.  I feel may be the others are more successful, richer, happier, luckier than I am!  Going through various do’s and dont’s write-ups about parenting makes me feel may be I am a very bad parent!  When my husband requests me for a cup of tea suddenly the words of an article flash in front of my eyes where the husband subjugates the wife or doesn’t care about her!

None of this is true.  But as we all know, if we get exposed to particular things day in and day out somewhere it starts impacting us.  Often little issues are blown out of proportion in our minds.

When I got married, I was very happy to be a wife and mother, as frankly, I was yearning to play both these roles and God had been kind.  I loved taking care of them and I still do.  But somewhere reading about feminism daily, the daily dose of stay-at-home versus working mom battle, how women working in the kitchen is demeaning, how a woman’s life is finished post motherhood and so on and so forth drills ideas that I am not supposed to think about!  I have a very loving husband, 2 beautiful well-brought-up children, freedom to do anything I wish to..still!

May be this is the social media syndrome, which is affecting all of us in some way or the other!  May be life without too much exposure was better and less complicated…

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