Because communities did them apart!

“I am sharing a Half relationship story at BlogAdda in association with #HalfGirlfriend

This is the story of two colleagues of mine, let’s say her name was Radha and his name was Ashraf.  I had just joined a new job and these two were my colleagues.  Since we three were newbies in the firm, soon we became quite pally and more than colleagues.

We would learn things together, laugh together, party together, and share our insecurities together.  Soon, I started realizing that Radha was starting to have a soft corner for Ashraf.  I had started noticing that she would take care of her appearance, do subtle makeup, and wear the colors that were Ashraf’s favorites.  She would want to spend more time alone with him.  I was no fool and started to excuse myself and leave the two to spend some “quality” time.

Initially Ashraf was not aware of Radha’s feelings but in no time he also started reciprocating her feelings.  He would take special care of her, wanted her proximity more, and soon our outings became their outings.  But I was happy for my two good friends.

One day I saw Radha very upset.  On asking she said her father had started to look for a groom from their caste.  Her father was a strict and conservative person for whom the word “love marriage” was no less than a cuss word.  On top of that, Radha and Ashraf belonged to different communities.  She clearly said her dilemma to Ashraf.  She loved him but she knew her father would never agree.  She didn’t want to elope either.  Ashraf knew about the fate of their relationship as his family also was of very conservative mindset.

They realized that their relationship wouldn’t meet the fate they wished for and hence decided to remain only friends.  This was very, very difficult for both of them.  Letting go of a person with whom you have dreamed to spend your life and trying to fit in him/her in the friend mold takes guts.

Within a month Radha got married.  Ashraf didn’t attend her wedding, as expected.  He didn’t come to the office for a week.  After a week when he came he had his resignation letter ready.  He told me that he couldn’t work in the same office where he would feel Radha everyday.  He had gotten a job in Dubai and he would eventually settle there.

Both my friends left me broken hearted.  A relationship which could have been a happy and fulfilling one didn’t culminate because they belonged to different communities.

Now they are with their respective spouses, but both relationships are half relationships as already the other half had been spent with each other albeit for only 3 months.

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