The autowala..

It was a hot humid afternoon.  Me and my daughter had just finished our lunch date and were ready to go home and hit the AC room after that heavy meal and to get away from the muggy weather.  Since our home was quite close by, we both decided to take an auto.  Two autos were there; one was already occupied and the other empty.

I asked the second autowala, “Bhaiya, chaloge?”  He looked at me very annoyingly and very rudely said, “Nahin.”  I got irritated and retaliated, “Why not?  As such, you are free?”  After 2 minutes, he said as he was obliging us “Chalo.”

Throughout the 15-minute journey, he kept on grumbling and asking for directions very rudely.  At the end of the journey, I couldn’t take it any longer and said, “Bhaiya! Why are you being so rude?  Please mind your tone. ” Pat came his reply, “Madam, I am not being rude.  Meri awaaz hi aisi ho gai hai.  Dealing with passengers daily has changed the tone of my voice.  I am sorry.”

I don’t know why I felt sympathetic towards him.  In that sultry afternoon when I wanted to be in my AC room, he was out there on the roads earning his livelihood.  Who knows he might not have had his lunch, who knows he might be under stress?  At least, he apologized.

We all have our good and bad days.  No, I am not justifying the autowala’s rude behavior, but some days even we are grumpy and feel good if somebody understands us.

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