Magic of Warmth

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In this long journey of life, there have been many “magic of warmth” moments.  All are precious.

For a woman, marriage and motherhood are life-changing events and for me both these events happened in the same year! My transition from a girl to a wife and from a wife to a mother was within a span of 10 months.

Recalling, such moments or a big moment (pregnancy) soon after my marriage.

It was an arranged marriage but me and my husband had instant connect.  Me and my husband gelled from day one and connected like long-lost buddies. He was and still is a warm, gentle, caring husband and my best friend.  He was so loving that I didn’t have to cry remembering my parents.

Two months into marriage I conceived our first child.  Both of us were young, newly married yet extremely elated to enter into the phase of parenthood.

Since we both stayed nuclear, it was only the two of us who took care of each other.  During the early stages of pregnancy, after coming back from the office in the evenings I didn’t feel like eating anything.  My husband would come back from the office and make me something nice to eat.

One such day when I literally refused to eat my husband, like a mother, lovingly fed me.  He became my “mother” that moment and every moment of my pregnancy.  This was a magic moment of warmth for me. He took as much care of me as my mother would have taken.

Every morning he would hold my hand while we walked down to the station or climbed the over-bridge.  He would make milkshakes for me, he would always accompany to the doctor with me, he would talk to the baby in the tummy and soothe me whenever I was uncomfortable.

People said that we had an arranged marriage and that we were having our first child too early, but when two people share warmth, it doesn’t matter whether its love or arranged marriage, it doesn’t matter whether you know each other for 2 years or just 2 months.

Its been 15 years that we have been married and our first child is now 14 years old strapping teenager.  Yet, the warmth of those moments are still as fresh and as young as it was back then..

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