My supportive spouse..

Last week I was feeling a bit low as I felt I wasn’t as “successful” as my peers both designation wise or monetarily. Told this rather wryly to my husband. He very calmly told me, “Do what gives you satisfaction and what you enjoy rather than just doing a “job”!

Day in and day out I come across women lamenting how their husband taunt them about not earning or “realizing the worth of money” since they don’t earn not realizing that the women put their heart and soul in shaping their husband and kids’ career and life at the cost of their own career. Women have the same potential as men, sadly most men don’t realize that.

I know in an expensive city like Mumbai with two growing up kids some help from me might ease out my husband’s stress. But he has always supported and encouraged me to follow my passion of writing, which might not earn me big bucks but gives me immense satisfaction in expressing myself.

Thanks my buddy for encouraging me always..

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