Look beyond gender..

So..again for the umpteenth time read a post about how a daughter is the best, a daughter is not tension but equal to ten sons, how a son will “dump” you once he has his wife and so on!!  Every time I read such kind of a statement I cringe not just because I am the mother of both a son and a daughter but because of the fact that this is reverse gender discrimination.  To love and uplift a daughter, its not necessary to demean the son.  Just try to love both the genders as “children”.  Trust your own upbringing and love.  Have no expectations from the son and hence be elated on his birth and don’t be “sad” if a daughter is born as she will be of no “use in the old age!”  Its high time we looked beyond all these superficial things and concentrated on raising healthy children and help them mould into responsible and confident individuals irrespective of the gender.  Both the son and the daughter bring immense joy to our life…

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