Feminism..the right way..

Does gender equality or feminism mean completely negate the importance of men in your life? Does it mean bashing the males and be of the thought process that a woman doesn’t need a man? I agree there are many unfortunate women who have had miserable life due to the men in their life. But of late, I have been seeing a lot of “a woman doesn’t need a man”, “girls are the best”, “a son is a son till he has his wife” and so on…
Gender equality and feminism in the true sense should be about emancipation of women and acceptance of a girl child with happiness, giving the women their right of choose, to voice their opinions, to have the freedom to do what they want, bring them with equal values as the son. For the empowerment of women, negating the importance of men or bringing them down is not required.
I cannot imagine my life without the presence of my father, brother, husband and my son and yes I do need them in my life. I am not weak, incapable or dependent on them physically but yes they are my emotional anchors..

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