Another challenge..!

Raising 2 kids is no cakewalk as both kids are of different age groups, gender, and temperament. But all these years I have been strong and managed to cross different stages of both the kids; infancy, terrible twos, questions, awkward issues..but now I guess for me I facing the most challenging time of parenting..handling a teenager. When the child is a toddler in spite of being an individual it still can be handled by luring,by distraction, by rewards. But when a child is almost a teenager, he/she is a completely opinionated, physically and emotionally changing and charged individual who needs to be understood, handled carefully (emotionally they are fragile), have to make them understand about peer pressure, body changes, to control their aggression, to put forth their opinions a bit more politely.

I had read about it, heard about it, but yesterday had the first-hand experience of my almost teen son’s “behaviour change”. Me and my son had some argument and my usually reticent, polite son had a bout of aggressive outburst. He later apologized and even I apologized for having stretched the argument a bit too far. But I had this sinking feeling that I won’t be able to handle this phase of my child well. My husband kept reassuring that when I faced parenting challenges all these years with a brave front..why am I getting panic attacks now!!

Guess I need to pull up my socks once again to face this stage of parenting..not once but twice..

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