Handling two extremes!!

Motherhood in itself is test of patience and for a short-tempered person like me handling two kids belonging to two different age groups and of two different temperaments is like “patience test”!!  I must admit though that both my kids are well-behaved and nice kids (every mom would say that!!) but with their and mine increasing age, with their increased and my decreased energy levels, its like a “patience rollercoster” for me everyday!

My son who is on the verge of being a teenager (already behaving like one) is an introvert by nature who laughs and talks only when required!! I have to literally prod him to talk and give a smile!  He very nonchalantly dismisses it as one of my daily dose of nagging!  On the other hand, my lovely daughter loves to talk, loves to dress up, loves attention from everyone, can talk till she falls asleep, and sometimes I am exhausted answering to her queries and keeping up with her energy!  My son asks his sister to be quiet for sometime and my daughter is bemused that how can “dada” be so silent!

Having said that, these two kids of mine challenge me as a mother daily, give me immense joy with their “antics”, teach me many things (my son with his patience and my daughter with her liveliness).

These two creations of mine complete me, make my life wonderful each day…

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