Decluttering emotions..

I was taking an inventory of the unwanted stuff in my home in order to declutter it. While doing so, in one of the drawers that I hadn’t touched for quite some time, I came across a few broken Hotwheel cars and broken limbs of Barbie dolls. There was a time when my son was crazy about those little Hotwheel cars and would collect them and my daughter fond of the Barbie dolls. Today I had to throw them away as unwanted stuff as my children have outgrown that age.

Unknowingly, I had tears in my eyes thinking that my kids would never return to that stage again. Its lovely to see my kids grow up each day but at the same time I felt some stages of the children once gone never come back again. Each stage of the child needs to be cherished and stored as a treasure. Now the tastes and demands of my children have changed, but the fact remains that my son will never demand a Hotwheel car again and my daughter will never ask for a particular Barbie doll..

2 thoughts on “Decluttering emotions..

  1. Went thru something similar recently- although we are still at a stage where we play with the old toys, but some clothes reminded me of her early days. Very thankful that we will get to experience the new baby stage again soon, but the emotions and circumstances will be very different this time around.


    1. Each stage of the child enriches us with different experiences. Now my kids are in a different stage and I enjoy each day watching them grow. But some things and some stages are irreversible, they never come back, and as a mom I get emotional!


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