Cherish the daughter

When I was expecting my second child, my daughter, I heard a remark..”Why did you need to go for a second child as your first child is a son?”  The discrimination of a girl child begins right before her birth and that too more by women than men!  Why did I “need” to have a liability, my daughter, as I already had an “asset”, my son!! I feel nauseous at the thought process of such people, which unfortunately are many in number till this day and age.  No..these are not necessarily the elderly uncle and aunts, they are also the so-called modern, educated, hi-fi youngsters who have such a filthy mindset. The people have an opinion about how a girl should dress, how she should behave, when she should get married, when she should have children, how she should adjust, how she should not go out late or party, how she is of “bad character” if she working late, partying with male friends, has an occasional drink.

My daughter’s birth was as joyous to me as my son’s birth.  I was relieved and elated to have a healthy child in my arms.  My daughter is the soul of our home, the chatterbox, the apple of her father’s and brother’s eyes, my friend and my “younger sister” as she calls me.  I cannot imagine my life without her!  I fail to understand how people can discriminate.  How parents can give the best education, food, opportunities and freedom to their sons whereas forbid the daughter from getting all of these!  I fail to understand how a lively, full of life daughter is asked not to laugh loudly, not dance at her free will, not express her opinions, not be stubborn or show her anger, always adjust to circumstances, and resign to her fate of being a “girl”!

Gender equality starts from each home where sons are taught to respect girls and girls allowed to voice their thoughts, where both are given equal opportunities, where marriage is not the only aim of a girl, where a daughter’s dreams are allowed to nurture as the son’s, where the daughter is not taught to be submissive and “adjust” all the time!

The parents play a big role in the emancipation of the daughter.  More than “log kya kahenge” they should stand by their daughter no matter what the situation is.  I salute Nirbhaya’s parents who stood by her after the heinous crime and did not bother about what the society thought about her.  Most of the times the girls are asked to keep mum if they are molested, raped, tortured by husband physically or mentally, and tolerate all the crap so that “log” don’t ask questions and the “dignity” of the parents remains intact!  If the parents don’t support their daughter where is she supposed to get support from?

My daughter is extrovert, lively, bindaas girl who speaks her mind, fights against injustice (bullying), dances and sings at her free will, expresses her opinion, has freedom of choice and I would always like her to remain that way.  The world as such is a cruel place for girls..I would want my daughter to pave her way through the odds and inequality that the society offers at each step.  I would like her to be confident in her own skin and never be subservient.

I dream of a society; though its a far-fetched one; where the birth of daughters is celebrated, where she is allowed to grow in her mother’s womb instead of being aborted and thrown away as a garbage, where she is not abandoned in the trash, where she is treated at par with sons, where is allowed to exist as a human.

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