When I was a kid, I often saw that my kind and loving parents were taken for granted by many relatives and friends and sometimes many people said many unpleasant things to them.  I would often think why my parents didn’t retaliate or give them back! Years passed by..those same people some time or the other had to pay for the injustice they had done to my parents almost in a similar fashion.  We are two sisters and a brother and often my parents would be pitied that they had 2 daughters and had loads of responsibilities whilst they only had sons and would be arrogant about it.  Again years later..now that we are well-settled and in one way or the other take care of our parents, those parents are lonely and dejected..I can see divine justice being meted out.  My friend got married with lots of dreams and desires but had to face ill-treatment and mental torture from her in-laws.  She never insulted or gave it back to her in-laws but “divine justice” took its course and now those in-laws are repentant and broken.

We should never ever ridicule anyone’s situation as we don’t know might be one fine day we might be in the same situation.  I have seen so many instances of divine justice that somewhere I have become a believer of Karma.  We should never think or wish ill of anyone even if they have hurt us or humiliated us.  The best solution, if possible, is to snap ties and let Karma take its course.  Arrogance always leads to a downfall.  Today if someone has beauty, health, wealth, luxury, power, position..tomorrow it might be gone!  One must always remember what goes around always comes around!

So..if we do good, our good “Karma” will pay us.  Similarly, our past not-so-good deeds also comes around in the form of “Karma.”  Karma comes after everyone eventually.

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