Being a mommy!

Its said that the day a child is born, a mother is also born.  Being a mother is no cakewalk.  She is responsible for bringing up the small little helpless baby and raising him/her to a good human being and a good citizen.  Most of the times a mother’s job is unappreciated.  She is made to feel that she is not doing anything unusual or great.  Yes..of course..she is not!  Wait..just handle a child for a day or two and then make this statement!

There is nothing more rewarding than to see your child shaping up into a confident, loving, caring, and good individual.  When a child is appreciated for anything that he/she does the pride and joy that the mother experiences cannot be expressed in words.  When a child learns new things at different stages the mother is ecstatic.  It might be learning to walk, learning to sleep on his/her own, learning to greet people, later learning to be compassionate.  A child isn’t born with these values or traits..a mother takes pains to shape him/her and puts in a lot of hard work to mould the child.  Trust me..its not easy.

Every child has different traits, temperament, choices..even two siblings are different.  But a mother has the inherent patience and ability to make a good human out of that little bundle with her love, compassion, patience, and determination.

Sometimes there is criticism even from the mothers of newborns or toddlers that I am “self-appreciating” myself.  No..I am not, I am simply being happy and giving myself encouragement to be a better mother as I am learning each day and facing challenges of parenting daily.  I simply choose to tackle with them on my own rather than voicing it to the world.  My kids didn’t grow up in a took me these many years to raise them, to mould them into the individuals that they are today.  Like all the other mommies, it wasn’t a cakewalk for me either!  Like the rest of them, I have also put my heart and soul in raising them.

So c’mon people, appreciate the moms instead of judging or criticizing them.  Every mother out there is trying her best to raise her children.  No mom is perfect, neither me or anyone else; they are as humans as anyone else.  So, yes I would appreciate all the mothers and yes I would appreciate myself too!

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