Today a write-up in the newspaper regarding the parents of IIT grads getting upset about their wards getting pay packages in lakhs instead of crores and many students opting jobs with higher pay packages but not in the area of their interest set me such parents really want their kids to succeed or for them they are just investment?  Since the parents spend a fortune for the higher education of their children, the children are expected to return the “obligation” by sacrificing their own wishes and returning their parents’ “favour”.

Such parents at each step remind their children of the sacrifices they made for them, the money they spent on them, the sleepless nights they spent worrying about them.  In return, the children are made to oblige by accepting the job that would make the parents happy personally as well as make their heads swell with pride in social circles.  Later on some parents want the returns of their investment in the form of hefty dowry!

Do such parents educate their children so that they become good citizens and flourish in their life or consider them as one of their profitable investments!!

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