The reunion

The other day after 20 long years, me and my 2 college friends decided to have a reunion. It was long overdue and we decided to catch up. Though we had been in touch with each other thanks to social networking but meeting old friends in flesh and blood is altogether different. As decided, we met in my friend Swati’s (name changed) house. Me, Swati, and my other friend Nina (name changed) were elated to meet each other.

In the course of catching up, I realized how our lives had remarkably changed in these 16 years. The last time we met we were carefree though not-very-happy-in-our-lives college students. The three of us lacked confidence big time during those days due to our own complexes. We dressed up like “behenjis” and sulked that no boy ever noticed us. But now the three of us though faced many ups and downs in life, faced hardships were more confident in our skin, worldly wise and yes more glamorous!

We opened up a lot more with each other and shared our sorrows and joys than we used to during our college days. The three of us from inside were the same giggly collegians but our experiences had made us a lot more confident and given us the strength to fight our own little battles.

Yes..time is the best healer and experience is the best teacher!

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